About Us

The IH Brain Pain Team is a group of volunteers dedicated to supporting the Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation.  The goal of the team is to help spread awareness of IH and to create a support mechanism for individuals to raise funds for the IHRF.

Intracranial Hypertension is a painful disorder in which too much cerebrospinal fluid is exerting too much pressure on the brain.  It is a life-altering neurological disorder that can cause vision loss, blindness and severe, disabling pain that often cannot be controlled.  There is no cure.

 The IH Brain Pain Team uses a wide variety of social media to generate interested and support for our cause.  This blog is a collaboration of authors that want to share their experiences of life with IH.

Our contributing authors are:

Karla Richardson -- Founded the IH Brain Pain Team in December, 2008.  Karla's daughter was diagnosed with Intracranial Hypertension in 1998.  Karla contributes articles to the blog from the perspective of a parent struggling with all the issues of raising a child with chronic IH.

Victoria Taylor - Victoria is a published Author. Her book 'Caitlin's Wish'  for young carers  was originally written for her daughter when she found it hard coming to terms with her dad's illness. Victoria's husband was diagnosed with IH in 2003.   Victoria joined the IH Brain pain team in 2009 and writes her blog articles from the perspective of the spouse/ partner and the impact  that chronic IH  has on the family.

Victoria Taylor.
Author of Caitlin's Wish ~A magical story for young carers

25% royalties going to
Crossroads Care

IH Research Foundation.

Laura Wilken -- Laura is a newly diagnosed IH'er.  Her blog is about life with IH (Pseudotumor Cerebri).