Monday, November 7, 2011

Support a Fellow IH-er

I just saw this book trailer myself and I have to say, I am pretty curious. I'll let you watch before I go on...

You may or may not remember me mentioning Pandora Poikilos before. In case you don't, I'll refresh your memory.

Why You Should Know Who Pandora Poikilos is
On my post about IH Awareness month (September) I shared a link with you to Ms. Poikilos's first book, Excuse Me My Brains Have Stepped Out" which was one of my favorite summer reads. I recommend the book to fiction readers far and wide, BUT if you have IH or know someone with IH then my recommendations become down-right pushy. If you are in this latter category, then I think you need to read this book.

Why Am I So Pushy About This?

One of the great complaints of IH-ers all over the planet is, "No one understands," or "I feel alone." In Excuse Me My Brains Stepped Out the protagonist is plagued with this condition and I believe, for that, she is the first of her kind. It's a chance to see our disease played out in a story, not just in our every day, not with the heaviness of reality to pin it down. Pandora Poikilos writes this character so well, because she understands the situation all too well. She, too, is in our unfortunate club.

Why Not Support Pandora in Her Newest Venture??

If you've already read Excuse My Brains Have Stepped Out, or if you are just a lover of fiction and require more than one recommendation at a time - the trailer above is for Ms. Poikilos's latest release Frequent Traveler, which I haven't read yet, but I can't wait to! And if you were paying real close attention to the trailer you saw that portions of the paperback proceeds are going to IHRF and NORD. How great is that?!

What do you think of the trailer?
Are you a fan of book trailers?
Have you been following Pandora Poikilos?

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