Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Week of June.....

My IH was acting up pretty bad in May, but seems to be a bit better with a doubled dose of diamox. I still haven't heard back from my neuro, so I am giving up on her. She is moving to Washington state anyway, so I need a new neuro regardless. I tried getting in with a Neurosurgeon that a facebook IH friend sees at my hospital, but he is out of the country for over a month and I know that I can't wait that long. I called my PCP and got a recommendation from her office for a neuro, so I am trying to get in with them. I'm having foot surgery in a few days, so I don't think I'll wanna even pick up the phone. I haven't been feeling well with the heat the last few I don't wanna mess with it.

Not a whole lot new. Atleast this time I haven't been to the ER twice for treatment! I've been able to manage the headaches better between the fioricet and the vicodin and they are not as bad now that they doubled the diamox.

I'm wishing all of my IH friends a pain-free week and please enjoy the sun and pool for me over the next month since I won't be able to swim from the surgery! :)

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